Barrier Campaign

Chapter 15


It has been nearly a year and a half since the party was all gathered together. Though each member has been pursuing their own goals, agendas, vendettas, and secret plans; they find themselves all meeting on the steps of the Library of Mast. The box has arranged this, bringing the gang of four back together and even providing them with a case of sorts. A old librarian thinks his son had been charmed (which he had) and asked the party to help out. After a brief but not particularly stealthy search for the son they discovered him, or rather he discovered the party. After a small fight, the party managed to take david alive, but were arrested by the guards. After a night in the lockup, the party was released and set out to reunite father and son, only to discover that poor Ian was now possessed as well. After a brief fight with the possessing wizard and some magical book, the party managed to capture Ian alive, but not before he set fire to the library. After father and son were reunited, the informed the party of the cults evil intent, to claim a hidden cache of books. The party took the books, Ian, David, some treasure, and high-tailed it to a secret lair to lay low until a plan could be formed to deal with these puppet masters once and for all.



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