Barrier Campaign

Chapter 24

Island of the Lost, part IV

Finally the party decides to enter into the heart of darkness, they decide to investigate the lost city of Mandrax; in hopes of finding the Eidalon. There quest begins by heading south to seek an audience with the spider queen. The spider queen gave the party the location of someone who might help them; the Cannabis. In the Cannabis the party found some dryads and a small army of their wooden warriors. The dryads seemed helpful and offered to attack the eastern edge of the jungle; this would hopefully distract the ape guardians of the jungle long enough for the party to slip in and take the Eidalon. The party got to ride on some griffons and were deposited directly in the heart of the city. Then they made their way to the temple where they believed the Eidalon was being held. They encountered some resistance, but was ultimately triumphant, snatching the Eidalon and a pile of gold before fleeing back into the jungle. The party then eventually made it back to the colony with the Eidalon; the party decided to give the Eidalon to Lord Fireheart, whom they felt would be worthy of the powerful artifact. There was a party!



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