Barrier Campaign

Chapter 27

Games and Glory

and the party rushed up the stairs… to find dead body of the minotaur they just rescued along with the gang of evil-doers that had just slain him. A battle ensued where Barrowe was hit by his own party twice and Dain was dominated, but the party was triumphant. One of the villains fled, one blew himself up, the rest were slain. After that the party made their way back to door and the final key. At least 2 other parties ventured this way and did not return, but the party prevailed; rescuing some prisoners and reaching an ‘understanding’ with the locals. Victorious and with the final card they returned to the main room, the cards came alive and sped off down to the waiting arms of a Devil… the final obstacle. The party challenged the Devil to a series of contests, with the end result being an open door to the treasure room as well as a few lost memories. The party entered the treasure room and secured their prize, the Shining Blue Trapezohedron. They still don’t know what it does except emit a powerful blue light and seems to make people tell the truth (including the party).



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