Barrier Campaign

Chapter 31

City of Light

Surrounded by guards, the party makes there way clear through use of a secret passage and a few polymorph potions. The party then crashed the special session of the Council of Lords and with the help of a little blue gem deposed a king and installed a new more friendly king in his place.
Once more friends of the city, they decided to spend the night at Dain’s parents house for some good old dwarven hospitality (Li Thun bought a whole keg of beer). But villains had absconded with Dain’s little brother, taken away to an ancient dwarven crypt. The party went to the meeting and managed to make a deal for Dain’s safe return.
Then the tete e tete was assaulted by a legion of undead. The party destroyed skeleton after skeleton, but ultimately the necromancer behind it all was about to escape. In an effort to stop him, Styl engaged in a dangerous teleportation maneuver which ended in her total destruction. Angered by the loss of her vessel, the Pale Lady destroyed the necromancer and most of the ancient holy site.
After several days the party regained consciousness (minus Styl). Deciding that gods and politics was too messy, they thought maybe a little dragon hunting would be easier…..



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