Barrier Campaign

Chapter 32 and 33

Dragon Hunters

Rumors of a Red Drake harassing local silver miners reached the party’s ears. No more politics or godly agendas, just some good old simple dragon slaying. The party traveled many leagues to reach a small mining town, where they gathered information from a brothel madam and a disgruntled mining guild representative.
Now with a destination the party went off in search of the foul dragon, they found his lair guarded by foul dragonspawn. After dealing with the spawn and freeing some draconian women from bondage the party takes a short rest, then fights a floor, then takes another short rest, then find out that the dragon has departed. Leaving a pile of solid gold as well as many arcane wards guarding his treasure.
After defeating the wards and earning some treasure, the party departs; escorting the draconian maids back to civilization. The Red Drake did not take kindly to having his home invaded and harassed the party, leaving traps and eventually killing the two maidens.
They party manages to make it back to civilization only to find civilization in flames. The town destroyed. An epic battle with a dragon ensues, leaving the party victorious. The survivors of the attack blame the party for stirring up trouble and tell the party to leave area… or else.
Unable to retrieve the treasure, the party makes their way out of the region, they will not be welcome back any time soon.
Ohh… almost forgot. The Watery Demon that Ronan summoned in his duel with the Deck of Many Things is now stalking the party. A death was promised… for a friend.



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