Barrier Campaign

Chapter 35


At the end of the last episode the box laid down quite a bit of info on the party. Alliances with the Puppet Masters, Doomsday Devices, and an upcoming war with the Elves. In deference to that information, the party decided to aid the forces of Karhold in their war with Goreseye. Hoping to prevent a elven fueled goblin war from raging over Yaheim. So the party acquired the appropriate diplomatic approval and set out with some old friends to visit the Karhold via the Nine Gates. Before leaving though, the party allowed a group of widows to start digging under their base to lay the ground works for a potential future mission to rescue the western prisoners of war who are being used to fuel Satune’s Doomsday Weapon. Hopefully by the time you get back, you will have a completed tunnel. The journey to Karhold was uneventful, excepting of course the visit to the Nine Gates. There Ronan was granted a vision of the future, or more accurately; a vision of two possible futures. The first vision showed the final and peaceful resting place of Ronan, a grave for an immortal. The second vision showed an endless void where Yaheim now sits. Not bothered by such visions, the party met with Meatel Dalx and received their first mission. Find and capture whoever has been raiding the caravans to and from the Black City. The party concocted an ambush for the evil-doers; who promptly fell into said ambush. After killing the bugbears raiders, their sneaky master escaped. Fortunately through some magic rituals, the party managed to track the sneaky rat back to his base. After quickly dispatching some young bugbears and talking down the rest, they learned the true villains where a band of Ratlings hiding deep in an abandoned goblin warren. The party quickly pursued and dispatched an army of Ratlings, lead by a Ratling shaman. They captured the shaman and made their way back to Karhold. Unfortunately the shaman was killed during an escape attempt, but the party quickly brought back his body for so the corpse could be questioned more thoroughly through arcane means. Their new mission was to head to the front lines, where an army of goblins was gathering under the command of Red Dragon general. They were to travel with a large contingent of goblin reinforcements from Karhold, but decided they needed to rest. Choosing to make it to the front lines on their own…. but that is another story.



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