Barrier Campaign

Chapter 39, 14/1

Dain, friend of spiders

The party manages a rest while the great forest to their west burns. Both sides in the conflict have retired to their respective sides until the fire dies down. Once it does, the war will most likely escalate.

During the rest, the party was attacked! By spiders! And yes that means that Dain was once again captured and carried off. Alf was poisoned and could not help with the rescue attempt. Fortunately the rest of the party was powerful enough to some hobgoblins and a rogue bugbear/spider wizard (+Minions). They managed to capture a low level hobgoblin, swearing him to the service of Copperbottom in exchange for his life. But the other hobgoblin wizard managed to escape. The Spider/Bugbear was slain by Ronan (who by the way, seems to be landing most of the killing blows in recent memory).
A search of the spiders lair discovered some magical reagents as well as 50,000gp. They also found documents indicating that the Hobgoblins were performing dangerous experiments into chaos magic and summoning. There was no breakthrough or discoveries reported. In order to prevent others from gaining access to this place, the party blew the entrance, caving it in.
Also of note. Though there were many eggs (which the party destroyed) located in the lair. There were no female spiders located among the many dead spiders.



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