Barrier Campaign

Chapter 44 & 45

The Diplomats

The gang rejoined the timeline about a year before they left. They each possessed a body of a mercenary or someone important to the task of aiding Satune’s attempt to reconcile the disparate Bullywug nations, thereby preventing the elves from gaining advantage.
The party’s first job was to meet up with the diplomats from Satune (one Lord & Lady Farlane), escort them safely to the Unity capital where they can begin negotiations. Unfortunately the convoy came under attack several times during the trip. The party managed to fend off the invaders, but were unable to stop Lord Farlane from being killed. Never the less, the party delivered Lady Farlane safely to the capital, where she was able to begin negotiations.
*The party believes that Lord Farlane was a decoy, while Lady Farlane was the real diplomat.

The party barely had time to rest and recuperate before Lady Farlane informed them that talks had broken down. Apparently the diplomats from Tanis Reborn were attacked as well, by a terrible monster known only as the beast. Lady Farlane offered the services of the empire (ie. the party) to hunt down the beast and prove the power of the Empire. After some negotiations, the surviving delegates of Tanis Reborn agreed. So the party ventured forth to slay the beast.
After a grueling slog through the swamp and an attack by the local wildlife, the party and their Unity guide found the lair of the beast. It took the party a while to find the beast, but eventually they managed to uncover the hidden beast and slay it. But not before Alf was struck many times by the beasts envenomed claws.
The party also found a strange magical pool, filled with a substance reminiscent of Jr. They decided discretion was the better part of valour and so left the pool, planning on sending back some shamans to deal and investigate it properly.

The party made it back to the capital and reported their findings. A task force was sent out to investigate the pool while the party took some much needed rest. Though Alf suffered a bit from the wounds he suffered, they were nowhere as near as deadly as they had been for the Beast’s other victims. While they rested, the negotiations began in ernest.



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