Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 006

War of the Gods

Just a days travel out of Sarad Agon, just as the party reaches the Snake; A great portal opens up in the sky. Out of the portal pours all manner of undead monstrosities; all seemingly hell bent on devouring the party. As the party attempts to flee this undead onslaught, another portal opens and a great wild slash rips through the army of darkness.
Thus begins the 3rd God War. The party attempts to flee the horde of undead still chasing them, all while the gods battle above them. The Pale Lady single handedly battled Praxis, Messa Yiel, Balin THorm, and the Even Handed King; nearly killing Praxis and Balim Thorm.
After Gulgath showed up (attacking everyone) did the Devourer begin to awaken. Sensing this, Jungen Thul appeared and shouted down the contestants; chastising them for tempting destruction by the Devourer. After some quick words with the Pale Lady, a truce was achieved; the Pale Lady and the party left with Jungen Thul to his personal divine realm.
There the party rested and entered into talks with the Pale Lady with Jungen Thul acting as mediator. The Pale Lady presented the party with a few choices, none desirable to the party. The Pale Lady left; back to her own realm, leaving the party some time to think upon their choices. During the down time, Li Thun had a party with many of the bards that inhabit Thul’s realm; lots of drinking and music, but with no hangovers. While the party commenced, Scin wandered about and found herself before the Forgotten Tomb. She climbed the steps and read the inscription, and upon returning to Thul’s palace was greeted by Jungen Thul. He told Scin a story of a great betrayal by someone who is probably the Box aka… Father.
Scin informed the rest of the party and they all looked at the inscription, each of her friends understanding it differently then she or anyone else understood it. They thought on this and went to sleep. The awoke the next morning when the Pale Lady returned for her answer. Upon arriving to the parley, Jungen Thul offered both parties an alternative. To the party he promised to essentially get the Pale Lady of their back as well as offering to stop helping Satune with his doomsday project and to not come to Maegar’s aid when the party finally fights him. All that he asks in return is that the party use the a powerful magical artifact to record their reading of the inscription on the Forgotten Tomb. The party agreed and after a brief discussion with the Pale Lady, so did she.
So the party placed their hands on the device and their memories were recorded into it, with only some slight memory loss as a result. Thun then gave the device to the Pale Lady and then stodgy as she removed his heart and absorbed his power, thus becoming the most powerful god of Yaheim. Thul’s realm merged with her own, and the many species of plant life in Thul’s palace wilted and died, turning to sludge before the party’s eyes. Giddy with her newfound power, she forgave the party for their past transgressions against her greatness, even going as far as to transport the party to the elvenlands for their intended dialogue with the Elves.



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