Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 012

The Golden Ladder

Finally deciding to learn the true nature of the item they are attempting to create, they decide to visit the Gold Dragon ‘Tyssax’. But in order to make good time, they decide they need a ride, specifically an airship.
The party scouts out Brighthold and makes a golden ladder to scale the cliff walls outside the city. They disguise themselves as Work Dwarves in order to gain access to one of the airships. They opt for the smaller more familiar airship, instead of the larger airship that might be more difficult to fly.
They manage to successfully acquire the airship and make their escape, with the bigger ship suffering a malfunction that leaves them unable to pursue. The party heads east into the dragonborn lands ‘Treynka’ in an effort to escape their pursuers.
On the way there, a party of undead and golems lead by a liche named Vassalex Iminos gated onto the ship. The arrogant liche seemed miffed that the pale lady showing favor to the ‘unworthy’. The mysterious Liche was forced to retreat in short order, vowing vengeance against the party at some future date.
The pale lady then appeared, assuring the party that she had withdrawn her protection from the liche and gives the party free reign to do whatever they want with him. She also has revoked his ability to use Death Gates, so there should be no more surprise visits by him anytime soon.



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