Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 013

The Price of Protection

Arriving at the lair of the Gold Dragon, the party entreated the beast to decipher the true nature of Oseiron’s Downfall, and potentially get her to make the item once they have all the parts.
The party learns that the item they are constructing will protect them from all forms of domination or mental control. Though both of the forthcoming ingredients affect the power of the item, the individual items chosen also affect whom will be protected by the device. A being of great evil must be sacrificed to protect the members of the party that are evil, while a being of great good must be sacrificed to protect the members of the party that are good. Both are needed to protect the members of the party that are neutral.
Tyssax agreed to construct the device once they possessed the remaining pieces. They also checked out Tyssax’s Library for information on the Liche Vassalex Iminos, finding only a small mention of an Liche named Iminos dying some 700 years ago in the west.
The party then left Tyssax to pursue possible leads about the Liche in the Dragonborn Lands (as they are all devotees of Praxis, enemy of the Pale Lady).
Along the way they were ambushed by another portal attack, this time by the forces of Satune. The portals only barely formed before they were destroyed along with the dragon knight that cast the portal spell. The only enemies that made it through were 2 small and confused devil beetles who were easily dispatched. The magic had been turned upon the caster, leaving the dragon mount to run (successfully) for her life. Several creatures (most likely powerful devils) were apparently destroyed while traversing the disrupted portal.
Upon reaching the east coast of Yaheim, the party was overtaken by the larger airship, now apparently operational. Unfortunately, the prototype suffered another mechanical setback and overshot the party’s slow moving vessel, disappearing into the setting sun.
After some evasive maneuvers, the party found a large city of dragonborn and sent Li Thun to entreat them for information on the Liche. Negotiation were tense, but Li Thun eventually discovered a probable location for Iminos… Obsidian. The party then flew north along the coast of Yaheim to the Black City. There they parked there ship and met with their friend, King FIreheart. He explained that the Bright Dwarves have offered a bounty (dead or alive) for the party. He agreed to keep the ship for them while they made their way south towards obsidian, warning them that when they return they might have to deal with assassins.
The party then made their way south to obsidian to search for the whereabouts of the Liche (Brogg sensed a powerful undead presence in the city). After some shenanigans they met with Jr. and learned the identity and location of the Liche; Duke Greyfoot and the Ducal Palace respectively. The party then setup a watch on the comings and goings of palace, in hopes of finding a way in.



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