Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 007

Family Tree

The party finds themselves teleported into an ancient shrine to Ioun, set inside a great tree. They quickly encounter a cadre of assorted characters and soon learn they are in Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a refuge for outcasts among the elves, it is home to Elves, Half-Elves, Hunans, and even a gnome. The party sends word to the queen of the elves, requesting a meeting. While they are waiting for said meeting they get to know the local populace. It is here they learn about the complicated family tree of elven royalty, surmising a connection between Lady Meren (the Queen), Miriam Dale (the patriarch of Sanctuary and of mixed heritage), and their now benefactor… the Pale Lady (Serianus Sylvastior). A meeting is arranged and the party sets out to try and woo the favor of a Queen. The party keeps it cool, not stepping on any toes while Li Thun rolls an abundance of Critical Diplomacy checks. After a brief fight with a Dracoliche to prove their metal, the party leaves the High Temple of Merenia with the blessings of the Queen (everyone got a cool item of their choosing and a magical ring of disguise – the Rings of Aerio Sade). With that business concluded, the party is escorted to the edge of Elven territory to do the business of stealing… books!



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