Ronan's First Born


A magical construct of ordered chaos, brought forth by the deck of many things. Jr is bound to Ronan until he can complete the task he was created for. To kill a friend of Ronan’s, but one of Ronan’s choosing.
In recent times, Jr has grown in power and strength, seemingly in step with Ronan’s own power. He has also grown more willful and intelligent. The Box has been distracting Jr by teaching him.


The box has told Ronan that there is only a few ways in which Jr may be permanently defeated.
1. Ronan must sacrifice his own immortal life, this will break the bond between them. Once broken, Jr could be killed like any other powerful construct of incarnate chaos.
2. Ronan can give Jr what he wants. If Ronan chooses a friend to be killed, Jr will complete his task and should probably cease to exist. But the box warns that the longer Jr remains active, the greater the chance that Jr will remain after completing his task.
3. Ronan must willingly sacrifice himself permanently and completely. This will absolutely break the bound between Ronan and himself, meaning he can be killed. It will also likely destroy him instantly and permanently, but the longer he remains in existence, the less likely he will be outright destroyed.


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