Maegar Satune

Quick with a smile, spell, or sword


Widely regarded as the single most powerful wizard alive, he has ruled Satune for over 240 years, though he still doesn’t look a day over 45.

The party strongly suspects Maegar of being a follower of Jungen Thul and more then likely Azmodeus.

Maegar Satune is that rare ruler who is both feared and respected.


After his father died, Maegar’s many brothers and sisters fell upon each other in an effort to claim the throne of the then city-state Satune. After the battle of Ivar’s Ford (where he personally killed over 5000 men) he took control of Satune and turned the city into an empire. By all accounts he is a benevolent tyrant and possibly the most powerful mage in all of Yaheim. Most people believe the upcoming war with the Slave Lords is unavoidable at instigated by the Slave Lords, but some of the things the box has shown you would seem to indicate that Satune himself has been behind it. More then that, he seems to want to engage the Slave Lords (which outnumber his forces greatly) without the help of his allies (the Black Dwarves and the Dragonborn of Treynka). Though this interpretation depends upon the accuracy of the visions the box has shown you.

Maegar Satune

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