The Box

The Box


The box is a disembodied entity which currently inhabits a mystical box that is not a box.

Intelligence – check
Will – check
Soul – check
Body – not yet

Almost Complete!!!


You first met the man (if he is indeed a man) that inhabits the box in the sleeping tower when the party freed him from his prison using a magical crystal dagger. Since that time he has been a companion of the party, helping out on occasion. Though his presence has unwittingly attracted the attention of several powerful organizations (Maegar Satune and the High Elves), the party feels it would be more dangerous to leave the box then to carry and use it. The box claims to be afflicted with a curse that prevents those outside “the circle” from knowing of its presence. So far the claim appears to work as discussing the box with others is problematic at best. The box also claims to be immortal, but not a god (nor has he ever been one). Recently when the box has communicated with you it has been using the persona’s of people from the party’s early life (sisters, fathers, old friends, and teachers).

The Box

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