Barrier Campaign

Chapter 44 & 45
The Diplomats

The gang rejoined the timeline about a year before they left. They each possessed a body of a mercenary or someone important to the task of aiding Satune’s attempt to reconcile the disparate Bullywug nations, thereby preventing the elves from gaining advantage.
The party’s first job was to meet up with the diplomats from Satune (one Lord & Lady Farlane), escort them safely to the Unity capital where they can begin negotiations. Unfortunately the convoy came under attack several times during the trip. The party managed to fend off the invaders, but were unable to stop Lord Farlane from being killed. Never the less, the party delivered Lady Farlane safely to the capital, where she was able to begin negotiations.
*The party believes that Lord Farlane was a decoy, while Lady Farlane was the real diplomat.

The party barely had time to rest and recuperate before Lady Farlane informed them that talks had broken down. Apparently the diplomats from Tanis Reborn were attacked as well, by a terrible monster known only as the beast. Lady Farlane offered the services of the empire (ie. the party) to hunt down the beast and prove the power of the Empire. After some negotiations, the surviving delegates of Tanis Reborn agreed. So the party ventured forth to slay the beast.
After a grueling slog through the swamp and an attack by the local wildlife, the party and their Unity guide found the lair of the beast. It took the party a while to find the beast, but eventually they managed to uncover the hidden beast and slay it. But not before Alf was struck many times by the beasts envenomed claws.
The party also found a strange magical pool, filled with a substance reminiscent of Jr. They decided discretion was the better part of valour and so left the pool, planning on sending back some shamans to deal and investigate it properly.

The party made it back to the capital and reported their findings. A task force was sent out to investigate the pool while the party took some much needed rest. Though Alf suffered a bit from the wounds he suffered, they were nowhere as near as deadly as they had been for the Beast’s other victims. While they rested, the negotiations began in ernest.

Chapters 41-43
Isle of Madness

NOTE: I am doing this one from mostly memory, so they may be discrepencies.

Traveling through the chaos gate took a toll on our heroes, and it took them a fair while to recover themselves. When they did manage to recover, they found themselves upon a strange mystic altar surrounded by a strange fungal forest.
In order to escape this place, the party must recover an unknown artifact, though what it was or whom guarded it is unknown. So they made haste along the coast towards a impressive looking tower on the other side of the island, dodging Myconid patrols and talking down twisted Treants until they came upon a lair of an evil construct known as the Wither.
The wither told them of a foul wizard who has imprisoned the local elementals with the help of a magical altar of great and terrible power. Though the party declined the Wither’s hospitality, they did decide to set off after this wizard and his artifact, believing it to be their probable method of escape.
Soon after departing the Wither’s twisted lands they came upon the low desert, a land teeming with the failed experiments of the mad wizard. After fighting some of the local denizens, they encountered a patrol of rebel elementals, they accompanied them back to their base for rest and information. They met up with the rebel leader and came up with a plan of action.
They then ventured through the low desert until they reached the Air Domain. There they were to attend the upcoming Air moot and convince the elementals their to aid them, or at least not to interfere with there journey. The diplomacy was successful, and the party made their way towards and through the earth domain, either dodging our diplomancing their way through any encounters. After a long walk up a barren hill, they arrived at the tower.
The tower had guardians… diplomacy failed at this point. The party quickly dispatched the guards and ventured inside after a short rest (which only took 5 minutes due to magic). As the party ascended, the tower began to change itself into a magnificent palace, it also seemed to be bigger on the inside. Their were many traps and dangers, but the party managed to defeat them all.
The final battle between the boss and his minions was short, for Alf did a lot of damage and Li Thun discovered and dispelled the illusionary altar, breaking the power of the evil king (whom turned out to be a sniveling-groveling gnome).
Shortly after the Wither attacked the castle, destroying it as the party ran from the now crumbling structure. The Wither bathed in the destruction of the castle, so the party took refuge behind a rock. After the Wither had it’s fun, it sought out the party, finding them easily. The Wither informed them of a powerful magical force at the heart of the island, a place where no creature born of this realm could reach. With a new goal in tow, the party made their way back to the Rebels to rest and prepare for this next quest.
With the help of the Rebels, they fashioned a crude raft to traverse the inland lake at the heart of the island. There they discovered many strange sight, the foremost being an entire human village frozen in time. Further inland they found the source of the magic. A great Devil they all knew (Borax Tain, more powerful then they have ever seen him before) and an unknown Angel. They were locked in battle, frozen in time; with Borax driving a great blade deep into the chest of the angel. Then the box began to talk… and Li Thun lost her helmet to the Beholder eyes that had possessed it.
In order to escape, the party had to collect the essence of the box that had been trapped here. Once they did that they were presented with a choice, they could leap 5 years in the future, bypassing any chance of altering the present according to their whims… or they could travel back in time (about a year), possessing the bodies of some adventurers and there attempt to alter the present by changing the past (ostensively to prevent or delay the upcoming war between the Elves and the world). The party was split about which to do, with one or more party members abstaining, so the box broke the tie and sent them back into the past. Ties go to the box.

Chapter 40, 14/2 & 14/3

10s of thousands of goblins dying as a distraction, so the party could ambush Goreseye the Red; thereby breaking off the head of the Red Army. After an epic battle, it came down to the second to last attack, with Li Thun landing the killing blow. After the party dispatched the villian the box activated the escape plan. Only Dain was strong enough to remain conscious for the whole trip, though in hindsight, he probably wishes he stayed unconscious.

Note: The party did so well in clever use of terrain, that they gained extra xp allowing them to level up to 15, though they are still injured from their battle.

Chapter 39, 14/1
Dain, friend of spiders

The party manages a rest while the great forest to their west burns. Both sides in the conflict have retired to their respective sides until the fire dies down. Once it does, the war will most likely escalate.

During the rest, the party was attacked! By spiders! And yes that means that Dain was once again captured and carried off. Alf was poisoned and could not help with the rescue attempt. Fortunately the rest of the party was powerful enough to some hobgoblins and a rogue bugbear/spider wizard (+Minions). They managed to capture a low level hobgoblin, swearing him to the service of Copperbottom in exchange for his life. But the other hobgoblin wizard managed to escape. The Spider/Bugbear was slain by Ronan (who by the way, seems to be landing most of the killing blows in recent memory).
A search of the spiders lair discovered some magical reagents as well as 50,000gp. They also found documents indicating that the Hobgoblins were performing dangerous experiments into chaos magic and summoning. There was no breakthrough or discoveries reported. In order to prevent others from gaining access to this place, the party blew the entrance, caving it in.
Also of note. Though there were many eggs (which the party destroyed) located in the lair. There were no female spiders located among the many dead spiders.

Chapter 38, 13/3
Fathers and Golems

The party reunites with Alf, who tracked his father to a crossroads of sorts. Alf finally caught up with his father, and a battle commenced. After handily defeating Mur Huan and earning some measure of respect from him (in his dying moments), Alf rejoined the party and headed out to raid a staging area for Duergar Golems.
After defeating the machines and their master (by squishing one with the other), the party decides to hold up and rest while sending one dragon ally back to base, while the other scouts out the front lines. Once rested, they hope one of the dragons returns with information about an important target, one they can use their many talents upon.

Chapter 37, 13/2
The choices we make when we aren't around

The enhanced interrogation techniques from the previous episode led to an attack by a basilisk. Ronan, Scin, & Li Thun fought off the beast while Dain and Alf fought off a band of Hobgoblins. The party then decided to head to the safety of their goblin allies. There they convince the goblins to go build a goblin minefield of booby traps to slow the advance of the enemy. The party decided to rest up, opting to engage the rear of the enemy through the use of flying dragon mounts… but after the rest was complete.

Unfortunately half-way through the rest, Alf receives a message via his map, a challenge from his father. Though most of the party decides to finish their rest, the lure of revenge proves too much for Alf to withstand. Both he and Dain venture off into the wilds in an effort to confront Alf’s father and finally bring peace to his human parents.

After the rest, the party flew off to the sight of the rendevue hoping to find a victorious Alf and Dain. They found Dain’s shield, Dain, a bunch of spiders, and no Alf. After dispatching the spiders and freeing Dain from his web cocoon, the party found a pair of mysterious tracks leading away from the rendevue. The tracks showed a huge spider and a humanoid traveling together towards the Hobgoblin capital. The tracks were about a day old.

Chapter 36, 13/1
Mountains of Trouble

The party is assigned to the front lines, but decides to get in a good week of resting before they do. So instead of heading out with the goblin troops, they head out on their own a week later. They make good time down the river, but instead of heading directly to the front line base, the party decides to blaze their own trail.
Several encounters and a few near misses later the party is a few days from the front line base, they also have a captive hobgoblin in tow. After a evening torture session gets out of hand, the noise from said session seems to attract… something!

Chapter 35
At the end of the last episode the box laid down quite a bit of info on the party. Alliances with the Puppet Masters, Doomsday Devices, and an upcoming war with the Elves. In deference to that information, the party decided to aid the forces of Karhold in their war with Goreseye. Hoping to prevent a elven fueled goblin war from raging over Yaheim. So the party acquired the appropriate diplomatic approval and set out with some old friends to visit the Karhold via the Nine Gates. Before leaving though, the party allowed a group of widows to start digging under their base to lay the ground works for a potential future mission to rescue the western prisoners of war who are being used to fuel Satune’s Doomsday Weapon. Hopefully by the time you get back, you will have a completed tunnel. The journey to Karhold was uneventful, excepting of course the visit to the Nine Gates. There Ronan was granted a vision of the future, or more accurately; a vision of two possible futures. The first vision showed the final and peaceful resting place of Ronan, a grave for an immortal. The second vision showed an endless void where Yaheim now sits. Not bothered by such visions, the party met with Meatel Dalx and received their first mission. Find and capture whoever has been raiding the caravans to and from the Black City. The party concocted an ambush for the evil-doers; who promptly fell into said ambush. After killing the bugbears raiders, their sneaky master escaped. Fortunately through some magic rituals, the party managed to track the sneaky rat back to his base. After quickly dispatching some young bugbears and talking down the rest, they learned the true villains where a band of Ratlings hiding deep in an abandoned goblin warren. The party quickly pursued and dispatched an army of Ratlings, lead by a Ratling shaman. They captured the shaman and made their way back to Karhold. Unfortunately the shaman was killed during an escape attempt, but the party quickly brought back his body for so the corpse could be questioned more thoroughly through arcane means. Their new mission was to head to the front lines, where an army of goblins was gathering under the command of Red Dragon general. They were to travel with a large contingent of goblin reinforcements from Karhold, but decided they needed to rest. Choosing to make it to the front lines on their own…. but that is another story.
Chapter 34
The 2nd Auction

The auction went about as well as could be expected, you made alot of money and only a few innocent children were eaten alive in the process. The only real down side is that your now have a supernaturally created entity who plans on making your live a living hell for the foreseeable future. But the box has agreed to distract Jr. until such times as the party can actively destroy him/it.

Chapter 32 and 33
Dragon Hunters

Rumors of a Red Drake harassing local silver miners reached the party’s ears. No more politics or godly agendas, just some good old simple dragon slaying. The party traveled many leagues to reach a small mining town, where they gathered information from a brothel madam and a disgruntled mining guild representative.
Now with a destination the party went off in search of the foul dragon, they found his lair guarded by foul dragonspawn. After dealing with the spawn and freeing some draconian women from bondage the party takes a short rest, then fights a floor, then takes another short rest, then find out that the dragon has departed. Leaving a pile of solid gold as well as many arcane wards guarding his treasure.
After defeating the wards and earning some treasure, the party departs; escorting the draconian maids back to civilization. The Red Drake did not take kindly to having his home invaded and harassed the party, leaving traps and eventually killing the two maidens.
They party manages to make it back to civilization only to find civilization in flames. The town destroyed. An epic battle with a dragon ensues, leaving the party victorious. The survivors of the attack blame the party for stirring up trouble and tell the party to leave area… or else.
Unable to retrieve the treasure, the party makes their way out of the region, they will not be welcome back any time soon.
Ohh… almost forgot. The Watery Demon that Ronan summoned in his duel with the Deck of Many Things is now stalking the party. A death was promised… for a friend.


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