Barrier Campaign

Chapter 30
A City in Darkness

The party each went their separate ways, promising to meetup at their new stronghold (the inn) after a year. Some spent their time with friends and family, others advanced their career, while still others fulfilled the wishes of their gods.
Though much has changed in the 16 years since the party entered the beholder’s lair, much has not. Struggle, conflict, and dark deeds can be found everywhere. But the party decided to investigate the ancient home of the Black Dwarves, Black City.
After scaring a dragon, the party finally made it to the great dwarven stronghold. There they found the rumors of knives in the night to be far more then rumors. They fought both undead and mortal enemies. They eventually discovered that the Eidalon had been stolen from their friend Lord Fireheart, and was being used by radical ultra nationalists to kill foreigners and all dwarves who disagreed with their radical agenda.
Barely a minute after returning the Eidalon to Fireheart a pounding on the front gates of Fireheart Manor came with a booming threat. It appears Fireheart and the party have been setup to take the blame for the recent chaos. And to make matters more complex, just as the guards outside began to batter the gates of Firehold Manor, the box spoke up; ending a 16 year long silence… “Looks like another fine mess you boys have gotten yourselves into”.

Chapter 29
The Under Inn, part II

At the Inn:
The party made its final attack vs the beholder, defeating the beast handily. Ronan was able to safely open the vault and retrieve the lost souls (setting them free). After that, they managed to repair the control orb enough that the party managed to ‘set down’ at Firehold. Once down, the people occupying the Master Suites tried to leave, but met with some resistance from the party. But the leader managed to sneak past the party and make a break for it. After a small kerfuffle, the enemies lay dead and the sound of heavy boots could be heard marching down the corridor. The party is greeted by a band of King’s Guards and the knowledge that they have been missing for 15 years.

Meanwhile at the Seal:
Alf, Styl, 2 children, a vampire, and a creepy old man make there way into a divine demi-plane to free the Boxes will from its imprisonment. Things go smoothly at first until someone breaks the seal. Then Madness. The only way out was for Styl to release the darkness inside her in order to distract the approaching hordes long enough to escape. Rescuing Eeby & Jeeby along the way, everyone manages to escape, though Styl now appears to have been permanently changed by the experience.

Chapter 28
The Under Inn, Part I
A divine mission to slay a foul beast and free some imprisoned souls starts off with the party avoiding the obvious owlbear trap the DM set for them. After entering the complex, the party fights off a small band of mercenaries and slaves, killing the guards and sparing the lives of the slaves. Diving further into the complex they encounter some purely innocent folks hiding in their rooms, a gas/water elemental trap, and then a big brawl with the remaining guards.

Afterwords they made their way further into the complex and were ambushed by the remaining slaves (mind controlled) and a Succubus. The party whipped out their shining blue trapezohedron and used it to free half of the mind controlled slaves from their bondage. A small battle quickly blazed into a larger battle as the Succubus started throwing levers and letting the beholder’s entrapped elementals free, but after a prolonged tussle the party managed to put the collective genies back in their bottles.

Chapter 27
Games and Glory

and the party rushed up the stairs… to find dead body of the minotaur they just rescued along with the gang of evil-doers that had just slain him. A battle ensued where Barrowe was hit by his own party twice and Dain was dominated, but the party was triumphant. One of the villains fled, one blew himself up, the rest were slain. After that the party made their way back to door and the final key. At least 2 other parties ventured this way and did not return, but the party prevailed; rescuing some prisoners and reaching an ‘understanding’ with the locals. Victorious and with the final card they returned to the main room, the cards came alive and sped off down to the waiting arms of a Devil… the final obstacle. The party challenged the Devil to a series of contests, with the end result being an open door to the treasure room as well as a few lost memories. The party entered the treasure room and secured their prize, the Shining Blue Trapezohedron. They still don’t know what it does except emit a powerful blue light and seems to make people tell the truth (including the party).

Chapter 26
The Open Door

After visiting family, friends, and the concerns left behind after their nearly 1 year voyage; the party decides to go to a festival… thee Open Door Festival. The festival is a magical contest held every year where the brave and bold compete for fame and fortune. The party entered the contest and the dungeon where they encountered 8 doors which hid 8 keys. The party and the other contestants split up and went down separate doors. After a battle with a shadowy medusa, some trouble with their reflections, and some pesky gremlins; the party was left with only one card left to get, along with much few competitors. Just as the party was to head through the final door, Alf heard a commotion on the stairs. A minotaur they rescued from the gremlins was being attacked. The party raced up the stairs…

Chapter 25
The Voyage Home

With the island offering no more dangers, the party joined Fireheart on his voyage back to the Black City. After a big party, Styl and several of the mercenaries on the ship became sick due to poison! After that, shenanigans started happening on a daily basis. First a mercenary was found stabbed to death in her cabin. After that; assassination attempts, corrupted food, supplies missing, a griffon egg gave birth to a monstrosity, sabotage, domination, and finally an attack by hordes of Sahuagin (plus giant squid). The culprit was finally revealed as a vampire; with the beast put down (temporarily at least) the party and the few surviving crew managed to limp to the Black City and safety. The party got lots of gold and glory along with some much needed rest.

Chapter 24
Island of the Lost, part IV

Finally the party decides to enter into the heart of darkness, they decide to investigate the lost city of Mandrax; in hopes of finding the Eidalon. There quest begins by heading south to seek an audience with the spider queen. The spider queen gave the party the location of someone who might help them; the Cannabis. In the Cannabis the party found some dryads and a small army of their wooden warriors. The dryads seemed helpful and offered to attack the eastern edge of the jungle; this would hopefully distract the ape guardians of the jungle long enough for the party to slip in and take the Eidalon. The party got to ride on some griffons and were deposited directly in the heart of the city. Then they made their way to the temple where they believed the Eidalon was being held. They encountered some resistance, but was ultimately triumphant, snatching the Eidalon and a pile of gold before fleeing back into the jungle. The party then eventually made it back to the colony with the Eidalon; the party decided to give the Eidalon to Lord Fireheart, whom they felt would be worthy of the powerful artifact. There was a party!

Chapter 23
Island of the Lost, Part III

Seeking knowledge and allies the party agreed to aid the goblins of Logsix with an infestation of undead. The undead have been slowly emerging from the coastal lowland swamps to the north; snatching goblins from their beds. The party journeyed by ship to an ancient tower filled with dark and powerful magics. There they fought some semi-undead plant creatures and slew a dark and corrupted dryad. Besieged on all sides by a mountain of undead plants, the party managed to slay the dryad queen just in the nick of time. As the queen fell, so did her army of darkness. With the threat destroyed, the goblins have agreed to open up trade with the Dwarven colony. And on a side not, the party taught the goblins how to ride their pigs, giving the goblins of Logsix access to cavalry.

Chapter 22
Island of the Lost, part II

The party accepted a diplomatic mission to the ‘Lord of the Tower’. They proceeded upriver with a small contingent of dwarves, anchoring their boat in the northern most part of the river before heading off to the north through the immense jungle. The party came across a few wild things, but managed to keep their distance and avoid entanglements. After reaching the Tower of the Eye the party then entreated with the Lord of the Tower, the lord agreed to share information and begin peaceful diplomatic ties with the new dwarven colony if the party agreed to take care of a little problem. The party then proceeded to take care of said problem (Ogres) and now they are the best of friends. The party then made it back to their boat and found it mostly unscathed, but lacking in dwarves. Somebody took all the dwarves and the iron, but left the gold and the boat. The party took the boat back to the colony and reported back both their success and the missing dwarves. Starved for information, Fireheart decided to send the party to parley with a gold dragon in hopes the great beast would know something of why they keep losing dwarves to the interior jungle. Fireheart then took the two ironships and steamed away towards home to report back their initial success and bring back supplies and maybe reinforcements. The party then journeyed safely to the dragon’s lair where they were met with another quest. The party accepted the noble quest of being bait for what turned out to be a Hydra. After killing the Hydra before the gold dragon could arrive, the party was rewarded with lots of information and a magic item.

Chapter 21
Island of the Lost, Part I

After a long and uneventful sea voyage, the fleet made it to the Island of the Lost. Scouts were sent out to explore the various parts of the Island, the party being among them. The party made a long trip across forests and mountains, being harassed by ogres, goblins, and reptiles of various types… and let’s not forget those owlbears. After a month of hiking, the party managed to make it back to the relative safety of the ships. There they learned that not all of the scouts sent out have returned home.


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