Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 013
The Price of Protection

Arriving at the lair of the Gold Dragon, the party entreated the beast to decipher the true nature of Oseiron’s Downfall, and potentially get her to make the item once they have all the parts.
The party learns that the item they are constructing will protect them from all forms of domination or mental control. Though both of the forthcoming ingredients affect the power of the item, the individual items chosen also affect whom will be protected by the device. A being of great evil must be sacrificed to protect the members of the party that are evil, while a being of great good must be sacrificed to protect the members of the party that are good. Both are needed to protect the members of the party that are neutral.
Tyssax agreed to construct the device once they possessed the remaining pieces. They also checked out Tyssax’s Library for information on the Liche Vassalex Iminos, finding only a small mention of an Liche named Iminos dying some 700 years ago in the west.
The party then left Tyssax to pursue possible leads about the Liche in the Dragonborn Lands (as they are all devotees of Praxis, enemy of the Pale Lady).
Along the way they were ambushed by another portal attack, this time by the forces of Satune. The portals only barely formed before they were destroyed along with the dragon knight that cast the portal spell. The only enemies that made it through were 2 small and confused devil beetles who were easily dispatched. The magic had been turned upon the caster, leaving the dragon mount to run (successfully) for her life. Several creatures (most likely powerful devils) were apparently destroyed while traversing the disrupted portal.
Upon reaching the east coast of Yaheim, the party was overtaken by the larger airship, now apparently operational. Unfortunately, the prototype suffered another mechanical setback and overshot the party’s slow moving vessel, disappearing into the setting sun.
After some evasive maneuvers, the party found a large city of dragonborn and sent Li Thun to entreat them for information on the Liche. Negotiation were tense, but Li Thun eventually discovered a probable location for Iminos… Obsidian. The party then flew north along the coast of Yaheim to the Black City. There they parked there ship and met with their friend, King FIreheart. He explained that the Bright Dwarves have offered a bounty (dead or alive) for the party. He agreed to keep the ship for them while they made their way south towards obsidian, warning them that when they return they might have to deal with assassins.
The party then made their way south to obsidian to search for the whereabouts of the Liche (Brogg sensed a powerful undead presence in the city). After some shenanigans they met with Jr. and learned the identity and location of the Liche; Duke Greyfoot and the Ducal Palace respectively. The party then setup a watch on the comings and goings of palace, in hopes of finding a way in.

Epic Log 012
The Golden Ladder

Finally deciding to learn the true nature of the item they are attempting to create, they decide to visit the Gold Dragon ‘Tyssax’. But in order to make good time, they decide they need a ride, specifically an airship.
The party scouts out Brighthold and makes a golden ladder to scale the cliff walls outside the city. They disguise themselves as Work Dwarves in order to gain access to one of the airships. They opt for the smaller more familiar airship, instead of the larger airship that might be more difficult to fly.
They manage to successfully acquire the airship and make their escape, with the bigger ship suffering a malfunction that leaves them unable to pursue. The party heads east into the dragonborn lands ‘Treynka’ in an effort to escape their pursuers.
On the way there, a party of undead and golems lead by a liche named Vassalex Iminos gated onto the ship. The arrogant liche seemed miffed that the pale lady showing favor to the ‘unworthy’. The mysterious Liche was forced to retreat in short order, vowing vengeance against the party at some future date.
The pale lady then appeared, assuring the party that she had withdrawn her protection from the liche and gives the party free reign to do whatever they want with him. She also has revoked his ability to use Death Gates, so there should be no more surprise visits by him anytime soon.

Epic Log 011
Shadow Debaters

The Gang met with Jr… good times. They agreed upon a deal and made the exchange, the rest of the books for the Deck of Many Things. Then Tom was given all the books and flew off to deliver them to a sad and lonely scholar under a bridge. Mission accomplished, so the party headed off to the Open Door Tavern and Inn to meet up with copper bottom and claim their prize.

Some shenanigans insued. I won’t get into details, but there was a strong debate about where to go and whom (if anyone) to kill next. The party decided to visit the gold dragon in order to get a lock on what this item they are assembling parts for is to become. But to do that, they will need to steal an airship… cue the heist montage music.

Epic Log 010
Escape from the Maze
With the trap activated, the party fought the demon; eventually forcing the demon to withdraw. But unfortunately the way out was not open to the party just yet. So the party spent a great deal of time figuring out the intricacies of the magic puzzle maze. After figuring out the puzzle (more or less), the party gathered all but one of the magical gems needed for the maze. While the puzzle was being figured; Li Thun drunk alot of potions and blew up alot of chests, Scin fell into a deep magical sleep, Alf was careful and didn’t get into very much trouble, while Brogg singlehandedly fought a lair of vampires before jumping in a hole as if his very life depended on it. Being stuck on what to do next, the party sat down (after rescuing Brogg) and decided to think things out and cure Scin of her sleep malady as well as cure Brogg of the disease he contracted while fighting those vampires. The ritual to cure Brogg went horribly wrong and he was killed, set to rise again as a vampire. The party decided to pray to the Pale Lady to seek her guidance. They agreed to let Brogg into their party if the Pale Lady would aid them in there escape. The Pale Lady agreed and transformed Brogg into… something. When He awoke he was granted the knowledge of how to escape, so the party did so. Upon escaping, the party learned that Jr. has acquired the final set of books and wants to trade them for the Deck of Many Things. He will meet the party in obsidian, in the little garden Scin met him in before. The party must decided now, how to proceed.
Epic Log 009
Easy Beginnings

The party took possession of the possessed Mansion, searching it for anything of value, finding nothing much. Soon after arrival, they were visited by some friendly neighbors bearing good wishes and a casserole. After consuming the casserole, some of the party became violently ill. They regrouped and prepared the secret underground portion of the mansion as a quick escape route. Still no sign of the ghost that is supposed to haunt the mansion.
Having made their preparations, the party meets up with an old ‘friend’ who can teleport them and Tom into the Dark Vaults. The party quickly found the tomes they were looking for, leaving the rest of the treasure behind and untouched. They also found a big door and tried to pick its equally big lock; they set off an alarm. They run through the stack of the Dark Vault, dodging angry robot spiders. They find a small door in the back leading deep into the maze of the Outer Breakers.
In the Outer Breakers, they are presented with a crossroads: one way leads to a path of skulls, small cries can be heard from another passageway, while yet another hold a pile of bodies. The party opts to investigate the cries, and are attacked and confused by a fiendish (possibly demonic) trap. The party eventually manages to defeat the… thing. After a little while in the maze, they finally see the way out, in between them is just a ghost beholder and a Balor (not Tom) casting some terrible ritual… then the trap activated.

Epic Log 008
Of Mice & Men

Using there new rings of disguising, the party snuck into Firehold and paid a visit to some old haunts. At the Inn they met up with Eeby and Jeeby, and learned that Imperial Mages are now attempting to make the ‘Inn’ seaworthy. Through the mice, the party also learned of a means of securing access to the underground passages beneath Firehold through a Haunted Mansion. The party then bought the mansion as to lay the groundwork for their escape plan.

Epic Log 007
Family Tree
The party finds themselves teleported into an ancient shrine to Ioun, set inside a great tree. They quickly encounter a cadre of assorted characters and soon learn they are in Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a refuge for outcasts among the elves, it is home to Elves, Half-Elves, Hunans, and even a gnome. The party sends word to the queen of the elves, requesting a meeting. While they are waiting for said meeting they get to know the local populace. It is here they learn about the complicated family tree of elven royalty, surmising a connection between Lady Meren (the Queen), Miriam Dale (the patriarch of Sanctuary and of mixed heritage), and their now benefactor… the Pale Lady (Serianus Sylvastior). A meeting is arranged and the party sets out to try and woo the favor of a Queen. The party keeps it cool, not stepping on any toes while Li Thun rolls an abundance of Critical Diplomacy checks. After a brief fight with a Dracoliche to prove their metal, the party leaves the High Temple of Merenia with the blessings of the Queen (everyone got a cool item of their choosing and a magical ring of disguise – the Rings of Aerio Sade). With that business concluded, the party is escorted to the edge of Elven territory to do the business of stealing… books!
Epic Log 006
War of the Gods

Just a days travel out of Sarad Agon, just as the party reaches the Snake; A great portal opens up in the sky. Out of the portal pours all manner of undead monstrosities; all seemingly hell bent on devouring the party. As the party attempts to flee this undead onslaught, another portal opens and a great wild slash rips through the army of darkness.
Thus begins the 3rd God War. The party attempts to flee the horde of undead still chasing them, all while the gods battle above them. The Pale Lady single handedly battled Praxis, Messa Yiel, Balin THorm, and the Even Handed King; nearly killing Praxis and Balim Thorm.
After Gulgath showed up (attacking everyone) did the Devourer begin to awaken. Sensing this, Jungen Thul appeared and shouted down the contestants; chastising them for tempting destruction by the Devourer. After some quick words with the Pale Lady, a truce was achieved; the Pale Lady and the party left with Jungen Thul to his personal divine realm.
There the party rested and entered into talks with the Pale Lady with Jungen Thul acting as mediator. The Pale Lady presented the party with a few choices, none desirable to the party. The Pale Lady left; back to her own realm, leaving the party some time to think upon their choices. During the down time, Li Thun had a party with many of the bards that inhabit Thul’s realm; lots of drinking and music, but with no hangovers. While the party commenced, Scin wandered about and found herself before the Forgotten Tomb. She climbed the steps and read the inscription, and upon returning to Thul’s palace was greeted by Jungen Thul. He told Scin a story of a great betrayal by someone who is probably the Box aka… Father.
Scin informed the rest of the party and they all looked at the inscription, each of her friends understanding it differently then she or anyone else understood it. They thought on this and went to sleep. The awoke the next morning when the Pale Lady returned for her answer. Upon arriving to the parley, Jungen Thul offered both parties an alternative. To the party he promised to essentially get the Pale Lady of their back as well as offering to stop helping Satune with his doomsday project and to not come to Maegar’s aid when the party finally fights him. All that he asks in return is that the party use the a powerful magical artifact to record their reading of the inscription on the Forgotten Tomb. The party agreed and after a brief discussion with the Pale Lady, so did she.
So the party placed their hands on the device and their memories were recorded into it, with only some slight memory loss as a result. Thun then gave the device to the Pale Lady and then stodgy as she removed his heart and absorbed his power, thus becoming the most powerful god of Yaheim. Thul’s realm merged with her own, and the many species of plant life in Thul’s palace wilted and died, turning to sludge before the party’s eyes. Giddy with her newfound power, she forgave the party for their past transgressions against her greatness, even going as far as to transport the party to the elvenlands for their intended dialogue with the Elves.

Epic Log 005
Making Enemies

Upon entering the monster’s lair, the party encountered a spirit, she told the party of a great betrayal that happened here. She then offered to aid the party if the party would aid her. She and many other spirits guard this place from any who would seek to wield the power of the most powerful artifact inside, a magical cup of undeath. Unfortunately Borax Tain has corrupted the spirits and they now serve him, she worries that Tain will use the item. A deal is struck; she will keep the corrupted spirits at bay while the party kills Borax Tain. Once destroyed, then the party will retrieve the cup so she may destroy it. After a fierce battle and more then a few temptations, the party defeats Borax and surrenders the cup to the spirit; whom then destroys the evil chalice.
The Pale Lady is extremely annoyed by this, and the party has made some enemies, but fulfilled one part of the Riddle ‘Slaying a great enemy’.
After that, Tom shows up with some info:
Mur Huan and an Elven contingent is in Haven.
Tom has acquired the first set of books (from the Academy) and now heads to the Bridge in order to check out a ‘sad and lonely scholar’.
He claims to be making contacts and headway towards acquiring the other books.
The party offer him another deal, one to help them sell all the silver ingots they found after defeating Borax Tain; they get 20% of all the profit if he can move the silver into platinum.
After this, the party has decided that before heading back to collect the Trapezohedron from Copperbottom, they are going into the Elven Forest in order to fulfill another part of the Riddle; make friends of old enemies… or die in the attempt.

Epic Log 004
Making Friends

With the aid of the Demon ‘Tom’, the party knows the location of one Borax Tain. They seek to kill Tain in exchange for the Shining Blue Trapezohedron. At his front door they encountered a party of Vampires (inc Evergreen); the party opened fire. After a scrum, Evergreen’s minions left her alone, but the party was injured, so they called for parley. After a brief discussion, they came to an agreement, the vampires were only interested in a cup; they would not interfere with the party as long as the party let them have the cup. So the party made quasi-deal and entered the lair of the Devil without further harassment by the undead.


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