Barrier Campaign

Chapter 53 14/2
Hammond Mein

Using the airship ‘Lady of the Night’, the party and associates travel to the Hammond Mein; the land centered around the divergence of the great river into the rivers Blood and Destiny. They are on a mission to gather intel on their enemies at Kangthorn. They avoid the central areas around Kangthorn in favor of visiting the smaller settlements to the south of ‘The Blood’ river. It takes a bit, but eventually they find some answers in the small settlement of Marg. The chief of Marg tells them of a war brewing between two chiefs in the north.
So’Drag and So’Divk, brothers; now make war upon each other. It is rumored that So’Drag is stronger, but So’Divk has been receiving support from Kangthorn; an army of Kangthorn wyverns keep So’Drag from using their own wyverns against So’Divk. He doesn’t know the nature of the conflict, but this ‘support’ by the Kangthorn is unusual. In the past the capital has been content to let other chiefs fight there own battles. Many of the outer kingdoms of Hammond Mein view this conflict and the capitals support as suspicious.
Journeying deeper into the Hammond Mein, the party decides to visit So’Drag personally. Through diplomacy and using there magical ring of detection, the party tracks down a source of demonic influence. They decide to act, but are caught before they could get to the bottom of the mystery. They are quickly captured and imprisoned in the dungeon; with Greyfalcon (Scin) being interrogated a bit. Sometime during the night, So’Drag’s wife ‘Disa’ visits the party and asks some questions, the answers she receives leads to her investigating the claims of demonic power for herself.
Shortly after she departs, she returns and releases the party; having discovered the truth about these demons first hand. Disa and the party then talk her husband So’Drag into seeking reconciliation with So’Divk. She and Viper journey alone to So’Divk in order to bring peace to the two brothers. They return successful, both So’Divk and his court are free from demonic influence and the support of Kangthorn has been politely returned.
With this new information and only two major players in the region (besides Kangthorn) left to investigate, they decide to visit the reclusive and powerful ruler of Talisoka. Though not the largest kingdom, the ruler of Talisoka is rumored to be a powerful wizard. An Orc mage is rarer then an Dwarves one.
Note: Talisoka is the name of the kingdom, the citadel/capital of the kingdom, and the man himself. Such are the naming conventions among the Orc.

Chapter 52 14/1
Formations in the Black

The party heads north to one of the outlying fiefdoms in hopes of getting more intel on Kirthon and his plans. They meet the Blackclaw tribe, a tribe of orcs that have settled the lands around an ancient dwarves fortress. The chief of the tribe (Irgir) is an old orc who seems much beloved by his people. The relative safety of the fortress has allowed these orcs to prosper, but this prosperity has always been envied by it’s neighbors, though now it seems that Kirthon is plotting against them directly. Irgir is not worried though, for it would take ten thousand orcs and a river of blood to take this ancient structure from the tribe.

After checking the king for demonic taint, but feeling the presence of a demon nearby; the party enlists the king’s aid. They convince the king to allow them to test his subjects, a slow process, but one that yields results. The wife (Mist) of Irgir’s 2nd son (Vaitus) appears to have the taint. Because there was no proof possible, Mist was exiled instead of slain. The party then decides to split up. Greyfalcon and Darkling leave to track Mist while Hot Dame and Dogga go see the local shaman and make contact with the dropship.

At first her trail is slow and easy to track, but then she picks up tremendous speed. Though easy to follow, she gains time on the trackers. The tracks lead them to the outskirts of a family settlement, the party convinces the Orc family to be tested, but they find that one of their number is missing. Drops of blood and a cold but barely followable trail their only lead. The trackers manage to track a new set off tracks leading back to the Fortress, they trace them to back to outskirts of the fortress where they enter a farm recently abandoned. They lose the tracks as they head to the Fortress, but they suspect the demon is now back inside.

The visit to the shaman turned into a visit from a god (Gulgath) to be precise. Gulgath (through the Shaman) informed them of the demon threat to the land, telling them the heart of the infestation lies deep within Hammond Mein. The god then tasked the party with dealing with the abominations. The encounter was frightening and left the shaman estate that her god had spoke through her, and also physically changed. Parts of her looked older, while parts looked younger. Her right hand was replaced with a bird like claw. There is no telling what has become of her mind as she was not the most stable of people to begin with.

As Grayfalcon and Darkwing reached the fortress they met up with Dogga and Dame. The proceed into the fortress and once inform the king of their discoveries. He agrees to let them test the people again and though it takes all day and most of the night; the party finally finds the demon hiding among the peasants taking refuge in the fortress. Before they could deal with it, it self destructed leaving no trace.

The party then reports back to base for a rest and to plan their next phase. They are given a box of 10 prototype stones and asked to field test them. They meet up with the Dwarves trade caravan, and teach the ritual to the local mage “Mushi the Mage Extraordinaire”. Though strange and a bit silly, he none the less seemed to grasp the ritual (he was provided with his own stone). From there the party gathered some Orc allies and plan to gather information about when and where to strike. The Caravan route and timetable is known, with nod delays, they will reach Kangthorn in a little under 3 months.

Chapter 51 13/3
Magic Stones

Viper enlists the party’s help with his duel vs Longclaw; they enter a ritual which allows them to help Viper without seeming like they are helping. Such duels are always one on one, but Viper feels that such cheating might be necessary to fight such a powerful demon spawn.
The battle goes well but drags out, the party are one by one removed from the ritual, but Viper seems to be holding his own; though Longclaw doesn’t appear to be injured much. Hot Dame (Li Thun) notices the ancient circle the duel is taking place in has powerful magic on it, and after successfully deciphering is basic meaning and function bring the stones on line.

Both duelists continue their struggle in the circle while the magic of the stones build. Longclaw is finally made to reveal it’s true identity when it switches back into it’s true form. The spawn of Utharias tries to convince the gathered orcs to accept the demon as it’s leader, while Viper tries them to rise up against the demon. The diplomatic battle reaches us standstill and it seems that Longclaw now has gained the advantage in the fight by splitting into two parts.

But just as things seemed dire, the ancient magic in the stones activates and several spirit dwarves appear in the arena and proclaim the demon a blasphemy and warn the orcs not to further break the treaty between them. They blast both viper, the demon, and Greyfalcon (who pole-vaulted into the arena earlier). After the light show, the demon was vaporized, Viper appears fine, but Greyfalcon was copied.

The war between the clans is over and a replacement chief was chosen from among a different family. The party learns that the spawn had the Longclaws building wyvern aviaries, a strange thing for the clan to build as they have no wyverns; most likely a preparation for invasion. Viper gives them a special stone and accompyning ritual that should allow the party to see if anyone they meet are actually Spawn of Utharias. The party then set off back to base to report what they saw and to deal with Greyfalcon comatose double (one that only he can interact with). The party rests as they plan their next move, all except Greyfalcon who moves his double to a safe location. The stone is loaned to the Bright Dwarves, whom study it in an attempt to duplicate the magic.

From there they take off further north into wine country. They manage to find rumors that the king of this place has been acting strangely as of late, so the party venture to the north of wine country to locate his city. After finding some outlying villages, the party was invited in to see the King (a one Kirthon). After reaching the border to his city, the party thinks this is probably a trap and decide to rendevue with the ship instead.

Chapter 50
Into the Orc

Now with an airship at their disposal, the gang sets off into the orc lands nearest Brighthold, they bring with them a crew of Bright Dwarves and a lone Orc, Huen’Das. Das was born in the southern lands of the orc, but has come to serve the empire. He arranges a meeting with one of the local orc chiefs who might be sympathetic.
The chief (Wikkers) seemed outwardly helpful and gave the party a way to see the regional chief, one mr. Breakfist. Wikkers sadly set the party up to; it seems that he owed quite a lot of back taxes to Breakfist and left the party to pay the difference. After the party funds were depleted a bit, they party left clan Breakfist none the wiser. Breakfist himself seemed little more then a petulant and savage tyrant of no particular intelligence.
After the Wikkers debacle, the party headed further west to meet up with one chief Viper. They were greeted well by Viper; a shaman of some power. There they discovered that Viper was preparing to go to war against one of the neighboring tribes; the Longclaws. The conflict stems from Viper believing that Longclaw has been possessed by something. The party explains the nature of the threat they are hunting and both Viper and the party conclude that Longclaw is probably one of these shapeshifting demons.
The battle with the Longclaws is swift and successful, forcing the Longclaws back into their fortress cave. In order to spare more orcs from dying needlessly, Viper challenges Longclaw to a duel.

Chapter 49
The Interrogation

The party have been locked up inside one of the storage buildings along the airfield on top of the mountains above Brighthold. There they waited for an agent of Satune to arrive, to hopefully bail them out. Unfortunately half way through the wait, Scin got a vision of the agent being ambushed by a hoard of strange shapeshifters. The agent was overcome and replaced by one of the shapeshifter. The party managed to convince the man in charge that something was wrong with the agent. A battle ensued and the swarm shifter (aka Spawn of Utharias) was destroyed. After that the party were given the use of an airship in their efforts to find the leader fermenting the unification of the Orcs.

Ohh…. and Valanae died, and was replaced by the man who killed her, then after the battle was replaced by a fire witch.

Chapter 48
Private Affairs

The party collected their money in Satune, heard an offer of employment in the West, but decided to privately deal with the Orc situation. After fitting his a wagon with alchemical supplies and hiring some servants to run it, Valance (Li Thun) plans on making money selling supplies wherever they go.
They took the roads to Brighthold, stopping briefly to help a peasant woman with her broken wagon. They reached Brighthold and before the day was out; they made enemies of a local hoodlum, they learned they were being followed, and Dogger (Ronan) had been arrested. But they successfully made some contacts within the military in order to secure passage into the Orc lands.
As they were about to depart, they were attacked by some Dwarves (sort of), and attacked some other Dwarves. Through much shenanigans, the party was victorious (sort of), but found themselves arrested, with Valanae (Li Thun) in critical condition. As we left our party, mr gray falcon was being interrogated by a tough looking Dwarf.

Chapter 46 & 47
The Visitors, Part III & IV

The gang hanged out in the palace, where they were attacked by a beast similar to the one they defeated just days before. They were also attacked by a strange black ooze, similar in appearance to Jr. But they quickly defeated them, saving the life of Jessica.
After the attack, the negotiations were successful, Satune and Tanis Reborn are now in an active alliance against the Sahuagin. With the treaty signed, all that was left to do was escort the Tanis diplomats back to their side of the border. A large contingent of soldiers as well as the party escorted the diplomats back to Tanis.
Unfortunately the party protecting the diplomats were ambushed by a group of Bullywug vampires and a strange shadow creature. After saving the diplomats, the party took off after the shadow, which led them to the lair of Little Evergreen, a vampire acquaintance of some annoyance.
Failing to kill her, she fled her lair while the party defiled her coffin. They took some if her grave dirt and a pile of treasure. They then made it back to the palace and were given a letter of payment, that once brought back to Satune, would net them some more loot. The party planned on collecting the money, then heading off to deal with the Orcs.

Chapter 44 & 45
The Diplomats

The gang rejoined the timeline about a year before they left. They each possessed a body of a mercenary or someone important to the task of aiding Satune’s attempt to reconcile the disparate Bullywug nations, thereby preventing the elves from gaining advantage.
The party’s first job was to meet up with the diplomats from Satune (one Lord & Lady Farlane), escort them safely to the Unity capital where they can begin negotiations. Unfortunately the convoy came under attack several times during the trip. The party managed to fend off the invaders, but were unable to stop Lord Farlane from being killed. Never the less, the party delivered Lady Farlane safely to the capital, where she was able to begin negotiations.
*The party believes that Lord Farlane was a decoy, while Lady Farlane was the real diplomat.

The party barely had time to rest and recuperate before Lady Farlane informed them that talks had broken down. Apparently the diplomats from Tanis Reborn were attacked as well, by a terrible monster known only as the beast. Lady Farlane offered the services of the empire (ie. the party) to hunt down the beast and prove the power of the Empire. After some negotiations, the surviving delegates of Tanis Reborn agreed. So the party ventured forth to slay the beast.
After a grueling slog through the swamp and an attack by the local wildlife, the party and their Unity guide found the lair of the beast. It took the party a while to find the beast, but eventually they managed to uncover the hidden beast and slay it. But not before Alf was struck many times by the beasts envenomed claws.
The party also found a strange magical pool, filled with a substance reminiscent of Jr. They decided discretion was the better part of valour and so left the pool, planning on sending back some shamans to deal and investigate it properly.

The party made it back to the capital and reported their findings. A task force was sent out to investigate the pool while the party took some much needed rest. Though Alf suffered a bit from the wounds he suffered, they were nowhere as near as deadly as they had been for the Beast’s other victims. While they rested, the negotiations began in ernest.

Chapters 41-43
Isle of Madness

NOTE: I am doing this one from mostly memory, so they may be discrepencies.

Traveling through the chaos gate took a toll on our heroes, and it took them a fair while to recover themselves. When they did manage to recover, they found themselves upon a strange mystic altar surrounded by a strange fungal forest.
In order to escape this place, the party must recover an unknown artifact, though what it was or whom guarded it is unknown. So they made haste along the coast towards a impressive looking tower on the other side of the island, dodging Myconid patrols and talking down twisted Treants until they came upon a lair of an evil construct known as the Wither.
The wither told them of a foul wizard who has imprisoned the local elementals with the help of a magical altar of great and terrible power. Though the party declined the Wither’s hospitality, they did decide to set off after this wizard and his artifact, believing it to be their probable method of escape.
Soon after departing the Wither’s twisted lands they came upon the low desert, a land teeming with the failed experiments of the mad wizard. After fighting some of the local denizens, they encountered a patrol of rebel elementals, they accompanied them back to their base for rest and information. They met up with the rebel leader and came up with a plan of action.
They then ventured through the low desert until they reached the Air Domain. There they were to attend the upcoming Air moot and convince the elementals their to aid them, or at least not to interfere with there journey. The diplomacy was successful, and the party made their way towards and through the earth domain, either dodging our diplomancing their way through any encounters. After a long walk up a barren hill, they arrived at the tower.
The tower had guardians… diplomacy failed at this point. The party quickly dispatched the guards and ventured inside after a short rest (which only took 5 minutes due to magic). As the party ascended, the tower began to change itself into a magnificent palace, it also seemed to be bigger on the inside. Their were many traps and dangers, but the party managed to defeat them all.
The final battle between the boss and his minions was short, for Alf did a lot of damage and Li Thun discovered and dispelled the illusionary altar, breaking the power of the evil king (whom turned out to be a sniveling-groveling gnome).
Shortly after the Wither attacked the castle, destroying it as the party ran from the now crumbling structure. The Wither bathed in the destruction of the castle, so the party took refuge behind a rock. After the Wither had it’s fun, it sought out the party, finding them easily. The Wither informed them of a powerful magical force at the heart of the island, a place where no creature born of this realm could reach. With a new goal in tow, the party made their way back to the Rebels to rest and prepare for this next quest.
With the help of the Rebels, they fashioned a crude raft to traverse the inland lake at the heart of the island. There they discovered many strange sight, the foremost being an entire human village frozen in time. Further inland they found the source of the magic. A great Devil they all knew (Borax Tain, more powerful then they have ever seen him before) and an unknown Angel. They were locked in battle, frozen in time; with Borax driving a great blade deep into the chest of the angel. Then the box began to talk… and Li Thun lost her helmet to the Beholder eyes that had possessed it.
In order to escape, the party had to collect the essence of the box that had been trapped here. Once they did that they were presented with a choice, they could leap 5 years in the future, bypassing any chance of altering the present according to their whims… or they could travel back in time (about a year), possessing the bodies of some adventurers and there attempt to alter the present by changing the past (ostensively to prevent or delay the upcoming war between the Elves and the world). The party was split about which to do, with one or more party members abstaining, so the box broke the tie and sent them back into the past. Ties go to the box.

Chapter 40, 14/2 & 14/3

10s of thousands of goblins dying as a distraction, so the party could ambush Goreseye the Red; thereby breaking off the head of the Red Army. After an epic battle, it came down to the second to last attack, with Li Thun landing the killing blow. After the party dispatched the villian the box activated the escape plan. Only Dain was strong enough to remain conscious for the whole trip, though in hindsight, he probably wishes he stayed unconscious.

Note: The party did so well in clever use of terrain, that they gained extra xp allowing them to level up to 15, though they are still injured from their battle.


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