Barrier Campaign

Chapter 1

A group of heroes-to-be joined the White Company, a well respected mercenary company based out of the Capital, mostly known for government contracts.

Then, our heroes did a lot of marching.

Then a bunch of goblins tried to ambush them and failed.

Our heroes finally reached the field HQ in Fisa, after some more marching. They learned the company’s overall mission in the area: destroy the goblin bandits plaguing the trade routes and possibly rescue some noblewomen.

First assignment: March! And go check out a tower.

They got to the tower and knocked politely, then entered and searched the place. They found a cool magic-type orby thing and decided to touch it. Kaboom! Then there was a battle! Our heroes clobbered the evil wizard and his minions with bow, spear, and fungus.

After a short rest, some goblins showed up with some captured noblewomen in tow, a dog barked, a battle ensued, the goblins were killed, and both noblewomen were rescued thanks to a mighty shot from a bard.

One of the goblins got away, and before our heroes could rest, they were attacked by many many goblins. The goblins had a hard time getting through the door, so they did a lot of climbing and a lot of dying. The goblin boss finally got through the door and was met by a defending minotaur; the boss was impressed, but the archers were not. After stepping over the fallen body of the minotaur, the goblin boss was shot by many things of various sizes and died.

The heroes high-tailed it back to base with the noblewomen in tow, earning them a nice reward.

The location of the goblin raiders base has been discovered. Next will be a big battle with many goblins.

Be warned, there will be marching!

And goblins!

Chapter 2

6 Holes
The goblin hideout was found and the white company marched en-mass to wipe them out. But our party was one of 3 suicide squads who made their way to the back of the lair and secured a valuable room from possible use by the goblin chief.
After dispatching many goblins on their way through the bottom 1/4 of the complex, our heroes found the room in question. It contained an ancient seal which blinds people who try to interact with it. The ancient seal bears the dire warning ‘Forget this place or be forgotten’.
Soon after finding the place, our heroes met up with the goblin boss lady and her many minions. The DM failed to consider the possibility that the party would attempt to fight the boss in the large open corridor and had to make some last minute map adjustments.
The boss was defeated and the goblins crushed, and the boss gives everyone a week off (after a week marching back to civilization). Next stop the sleeping tower.

DM’s Note to players: Sorry for the short summary, not having the treasure ready, and not having your next adventuring options properly mapped out for you to choose from.

Chapter 3

The heroes defeated the wyvern nesting in the Slumbering Tower at the behest of Ilysia Dale.

Chapter 4

The White Company team explored the Slumbering Tower, encountering a mysterious man and taking him out in a box.

Chapter 5

The party traveled back to Targos to report, being attacked by animals on the way.

Chapter 6

The team was sent to take a message to a fortress guarding the border with the Slave Lords, then to pacify an orc tribe that was not cooperating with the war effort. Barrowe was offered a chance at moving up in the minotaur hierarchy if he brought back Chief Krughthth’s head, but he did not manage to remove it before the orc surrendered.

Chapter 7

The heroes stepped forth a mission to take an object to the Golden City just before outbreak of war between the nation and their own, riding a dragon, then fighting a gelatinous cube and more animals.

Chapter 8

The team met its contact at the Halfway Inn, then was attacked by locals who had been alerted by the Red Raven. Fighting the first wave, the adventurers fled the inn and traveled west before infiltrating the sewers of the Golden City.

Chapter 9

Infiltrating the sewers of the Golden City, Guy the Green was investigating a shiny in a purification plant when he accidentally released a powerful ooze that taxed Barrowe‘s stamina greatly before it ended up back in the cage. When the heroes were spotted by workers, they were unable to deal with all the guards and civilians before some escaped. With the enemies’ alert again drawn to them, the White Company mercenaries attempted to disappear into the city without leading the locals to their safe house.

Chapter 10

After fighting the guards at the sanitation station, the heroes went to much effort to sneak across the city to the safe house, choosing to flee through the hunting grounds. There they were attacked by a bear handler and offered him escape in return for guidance. To escape a hunting party, they entered a magically hidden cave that turned out to be a shrine to the Pale Lady, complete with undead attendants. The heroes left donations (but not a human sacrifice) in return for the hospitality, then proceeded to their destination in the craftsmen’s district.

After delivering the orb, the mercenaries were to stay there (with their anti-scrying measures) for 10 days while their contact activated it. Upon the completion of the ritual, the Box realized and informed the party that the package was a weapon of mass destruction that would wipe out the population of the Golden City. The Box said it could save the heroes, but no others unless one of them would sacrifice himself to help direct the protection; none of them was willing to make this deal, so they found themselves in a city of ashes, with a bound dragon and demons escaping. The Box called their white dragon ally, who offered to drop them off near her home on the Imperial side of the border.

Upon their return, the dragon was rerouted to the aerie below Barad-Gaitan, the mercenaries ordered to report back. Maegar and Terios showed no worry about the fact that the heroes had survived the mission, and sent them back to work on the front lines, with a back-order for rewards.

At some point, the Box also replayed to the party a vision of what had happened to the Red Raven after he had gotten her off their tails. Apparently she had been hunted and killed by her two colleagues, a male drow and a female half-elf. After they were gone, the Pale Lady had raised her as an undead in her service in return for another chance at the heroes if the Lady’s protection on them ever expired.


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