Caesar Ivola's Goblin Songs

Caesar Ivola’s Goblin Songs
Tomes from the Vault of the Forbidden

Excerpt: Written in Goblin
-The DM will not try to write bardic verses, as he has no talent for it.

Never was there a more eclectic band of songs ever gathered in one volume. The songs of the goblins are on every topic from philosophy to proper etiquette when eating dirt. You doubt very much whether anyone but a goblin would want to hear these songs performed.

Though of no meta-value, the collection of verses might be valuable to a bard, or a Goblin.

Bardic Skill Bonus: Goblin
A Bard who masters these verses may receive a bonus to their Diplomacy check when performing a Bardic Performance in front of the aforementioned group.

Caesar Ivola's Goblin Songs

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