Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 005

Making Enemies

Upon entering the monster’s lair, the party encountered a spirit, she told the party of a great betrayal that happened here. She then offered to aid the party if the party would aid her. She and many other spirits guard this place from any who would seek to wield the power of the most powerful artifact inside, a magical cup of undeath. Unfortunately Borax Tain has corrupted the spirits and they now serve him, she worries that Tain will use the item. A deal is struck; she will keep the corrupted spirits at bay while the party kills Borax Tain. Once destroyed, then the party will retrieve the cup so she may destroy it. After a fierce battle and more then a few temptations, the party defeats Borax and surrenders the cup to the spirit; whom then destroys the evil chalice.
The Pale Lady is extremely annoyed by this, and the party has made some enemies, but fulfilled one part of the Riddle ‘Slaying a great enemy’.
After that, Tom shows up with some info:
Mur Huan and an Elven contingent is in Haven.
Tom has acquired the first set of books (from the Academy) and now heads to the Bridge in order to check out a ‘sad and lonely scholar’.
He claims to be making contacts and headway towards acquiring the other books.
The party offer him another deal, one to help them sell all the silver ingots they found after defeating Borax Tain; they get 20% of all the profit if he can move the silver into platinum.
After this, the party has decided that before heading back to collect the Trapezohedron from Copperbottom, they are going into the Elven Forest in order to fulfill another part of the Riddle; make friends of old enemies… or die in the attempt.



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