Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 009

Easy Beginnings

The party took possession of the possessed Mansion, searching it for anything of value, finding nothing much. Soon after arrival, they were visited by some friendly neighbors bearing good wishes and a casserole. After consuming the casserole, some of the party became violently ill. They regrouped and prepared the secret underground portion of the mansion as a quick escape route. Still no sign of the ghost that is supposed to haunt the mansion.
Having made their preparations, the party meets up with an old ‘friend’ who can teleport them and Tom into the Dark Vaults. The party quickly found the tomes they were looking for, leaving the rest of the treasure behind and untouched. They also found a big door and tried to pick its equally big lock; they set off an alarm. They run through the stack of the Dark Vault, dodging angry robot spiders. They find a small door in the back leading deep into the maze of the Outer Breakers.
In the Outer Breakers, they are presented with a crossroads: one way leads to a path of skulls, small cries can be heard from another passageway, while yet another hold a pile of bodies. The party opts to investigate the cries, and are attacked and confused by a fiendish (possibly demonic) trap. The party eventually manages to defeat the… thing. After a little while in the maze, they finally see the way out, in between them is just a ghost beholder and a Balor (not Tom) casting some terrible ritual… then the trap activated.



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