(Missing) Barrowe Gateway

Lost soul of Minos


Founding member of the Gang. He left the party shortly after the killing of the Beholder, citing the growing danger of associating with the Box.

- Current whereabouts unknown.

Barrowe Gateway’s birth was marked by the gods, a star-shaped white pattern on his muzzle supposedly suggesting an event in the unseen heavens above. The expectations for him were enough to earn him a fair amount of attention from a low elder during his youth. He was also taught Elven by a gnome who suggested nothing of the possible social ramifications. Finding his mental faculties unsuited for approaches other than those of the Circle of Strength, he decided that the only way he could use his destiny for the greater good was to go out into the world and show a good example.

Seeking to find audiences in other venues, Barrowe chose to join the White Company of mercenaries (working for the duke in the east), where he worked alongside Justina the deva invoker, Li Than the dragonborn bard, and Mil the bullywug seeker. After marching to the base at Fisa, they went on their first real mission to investigate a glowing tower in the forest. Here, Barrowe found difficulty in his attempts to foster mutually beneficial relationships, as he was told after walking up the path that they should have discussed ambushing whoever may be inside first, and that by not explaining his beliefs to the rest of the party until they told him about their disagreement, he was refusing to discuss. At least in the skirmishes after the sudden but inevitable betrayal of the inhabitants and the arrival of two bands of goblins, he managed to attract some fire by being a really easy target, helping to stop them from harming two captured noblewomen. The heroes moved on to raid the goblins’ lair, earning Content Not Found: haspin-the-goblin and knowledge of some great unidentified gate. The strike team was joined by a proper guardian, allowing Barrowe to return to his instinctive skirmishing.

The next mission led Barrowe and company to the Slumbering Tower in the goblin protectorate on the edge of Satune, where he and his companions were saddled with the presence of a powerful entity. As yet, “the Box” has not obviously acted against the mortals’ interests, but he feels a responsibility to keep an eye on it, and the party declined to turn it over to the emperor of the Satune Dynasty.

As the war preparations between Satune and the Slave Lords escalated, the White Company team was put under the auspices of Content Not Found: commander-terios, a low elder of Minos’s Circle of Strength. He was offered the rank of gaitan (“one who brings peace through strength”?) for bringing back the head of Krugthth, an orc chieftain who was not cooperating with the defense of this side of the mountains. Trying to bring down the shaman himself while also drawing fire off of the wizard, Barrowe failed to defeat him, falling unconscious for a time while the surviving orcs retreated. Krugthth was left as a rearguard and surrendered to the White Company. Barrowe was somewhat apprehensive about the reaction to his bringing the orc in alive, but Terios addressed him by his new title.

Sent into the Lands of the Slave Lords with a mysterious orb, the heroes found too late that the result would be the extinction of the population of the Golden City. Barrowe and the others were unwilling to sacrifice any of their own to save possible innocents, so the Box allowed only them to avoid incineration. On his way out, the shell-shocked minotaur grabbed a pinch of ash, noting that the anonymity of the donor was fitting for the indiscriminate nature of the strike. He is still unsure whether he is one to be making any judgments about what is necessary to protect the alliance from war, but when he is again called to do something for which he will not gain face, he will blacken the blazon on his face with soot.

After the war ended in the unification of the two human nations, Barrowe was told by the emperor that his payment was deferred until the factions of the minotaur Sky Council had assessed his possible membership. Toward this end, he was placed as interim ruler of a former Slave Lord town for a year. Although he tried to win over his defeated enemies, by the end, their hearts and minds were still just past the tipping point, and his tower was burnt to the ground by an angry mob. Slinking away covered in ash, Barrowe was seriously injured and failed to impress any of the Minoan elders. He was taken in by the Circle of Doubt, and he continues to question whether he can live up to his expectations.

(Missing) Barrowe Gateway

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