Barrier Campaign

Epic Log 010

Escape from the Maze

With the trap activated, the party fought the demon; eventually forcing the demon to withdraw. But unfortunately the way out was not open to the party just yet. So the party spent a great deal of time figuring out the intricacies of the magic puzzle maze. After figuring out the puzzle (more or less), the party gathered all but one of the magical gems needed for the maze. While the puzzle was being figured; Li Thun drunk alot of potions and blew up alot of chests, Scin fell into a deep magical sleep, Alf was careful and didn’t get into very much trouble, while Brogg singlehandedly fought a lair of vampires before jumping in a hole as if his very life depended on it. Being stuck on what to do next, the party sat down (after rescuing Brogg) and decided to think things out and cure Scin of her sleep malady as well as cure Brogg of the disease he contracted while fighting those vampires. The ritual to cure Brogg went horribly wrong and he was killed, set to rise again as a vampire. The party decided to pray to the Pale Lady to seek her guidance. They agreed to let Brogg into their party if the Pale Lady would aid them in there escape. The Pale Lady agreed and transformed Brogg into… something. When He awoke he was granted the knowledge of how to escape, so the party did so. Upon escaping, the party learned that Jr. has acquired the final set of books and wants to trade them for the Deck of Many Things. He will meet the party in obsidian, in the little garden Scin met him in before. The party must decided now, how to proceed.



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